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Send Primary Federation


SPORTSMARK GOLD                                                    

We are very proud to have submitted a successful application and been awarded the Sportsmark Gold.
The Sportsmark Gold award recognises those schools which show exceptional achievement, highly innovative schemes or outstanding progress in meeting their sporting aims. This success can only happen with the support of the whole school and those in our wider community. So thank you to all parents and carers who have supported at events and festivals in the last year and we look forward to another good year.
See comment below from Ally Reid - School Games organiser for South-West Surrey
Send primary (previously St Bede.s juniors) do a fantastic job on engaging a high percentage of its pupils in extra-curricular sporting activity. They offer a wealth of clubs, in both traditional and alternative sports,  which also follow on numerous competitive opportunities. The school also places a high value on providing B & C team opportunities as well as leadership opportunities which further improves their school sport offer. A well deserved Gold award, congratulations! 
Keep an eye out for a plaque which should be arriving soon!