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Christian Values

As a Church of England school, Christian values underpin our ethos. We actively promote the development of Christian values and citizenship skills, equipping pupils for life in the wider world. The theme is displayed in each class and becomes embedded through the curriculum.

We re-enforce the chosen value of the month through our daily collective worship. In collective worship, the children are given the opportunity to think about the Christian meaning of the value and how it can be demonstrated in their lives. This can be through the use of music, stories and symbols. Children are encouraged to be involved in the collective worship, whether it is led by the head teacher, class based or led by visitors to the school from the local churches.

At some time during the collective worship, children are given the time for self-reflection. This can be developed by asking pupils to listen quietly to and consider what they have just heard. During the reflection time, pupils are able to absorb and respond to the main ideas about the value of the month, at their own level. There is no compulsion to worship or act against their own beliefs. 

Values 2016-2017

September - Respect 

Respect newsletter and homework

October - Responsibility

Responsibility newsletter and homework

November - Peace

Peace newsletter and homework

December - Generosity

Generosity newsletter and homework

January - Patience

Patience newsletter and homework

February - Love

Love newsletter and homework

March - Courage

Courage newsletter and homework